Benefits of Vertical Cannabis Farming

25 Mar

 If you are an experienced indoor cannabis grower who is short in floor space to accommodate everything you want to do, vertical farming offers the solution you have been searching for.  Contrary to popular belief, vertical cannabis farming is about maximizing the height of the room instead of the floor space, which is they are positioned around the heights hanged in the room. Apart from increasing the yield you get, using vertical cannabis farming comes with some incredible advantages too.  Below are important reasons to start using vertical cannabis farming.  Learn more about racks here:

Using vertical cannabis farming system is important because you are able to increase your yield; you will get more yield per light if you are growing vertically than if you were using horizontal system. Another benefit of vertical cannabis farming is that it is easy to set up; most vertical systems can often be set within an hour and comes with other features like grow tent to make your work easier.  Vertical cannabis farming is usually done in an enclosed climate controlled room where you don’t have to worry about pests or excess raining destroying them.  View more about cannabis here. 

 Vertical cannabis farming is advantageous because it energy efficient; given the amount of electricity used in horizontal farming, you will be glad to know vertical farming uses less while giving a higher yield.  Using vertical cannabis farming is a good way of ensuring all your plants are taking equal advantage of the source of light; instead of some depending on light that bounces off reflectors as is the case with horizontal farming, all the plants in vertical system receive equal amount of light and are kept close to the bulb.

 If you have a small space, you can maximize it through vertical farming; you will be amazed at how much you can achieve from a small indoor space through vertical cannabis farming.  If you compared vertical farming method to the traditional systems, you will realize it uses only ten percent of water, nutrients and fertilizers which makes an efficient system, which also allows recycling and reusing of most of them. By reducing the amount of electricity, water, nutrients and fertilizers used, vertical cannabis farming is good for the environment.

 Most indoor vertical cannabis farming are usually fully automated, which means you don’t need huge amounts of labor even if your yield or production continues to increase.  Since pests and diseases cannot enter the controlled room, vertical cannabis farming means you don’t have to worry about the extra cost of buying chemicals and pesticides.  If you are not doing vertical cannabis farming, these are the reasons to try it. Explore more on vertical farming here:

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